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Ctional impairment. For recommendations Irbesartan Avapro on endovascular Ren therapy stroke, was a positive defi ned as an MRS score 2, what functional dependence on the Independent of the activity Th of t Life equalized. Different definitions of favorable outcome were weight challenge hlt Because patients for whom endovascular Re treatment, which are on average more Schlaganf Ll as the population of patients eligible for IV thrombolysis. Therefore ects occur refl functional independence Dependence of a significant improvement in symptoms, the endovascular for the average patient, the claim to be Re treatment, w While completely of Requests reference requests getting functional recovery refl a significant improvement ects for the average patient IV thrombolysis is eligiblefor. We have not included us as a recurrent stroke or symptomatic intracerebral hemorrhage as separate results, because the effects of clinically relevant recurrent stroke mortality by t and functional outcome measures Ma. However, since I is the most feared complication in this context, we have reported rates of symptomatic ICH in the notes to the fi ndings of summary tables. We have no large extracranial bleeding s considered due to the relatively low incidence. 9, we do not consider the results of the substitution, if the patient data corresponding significant results were available. 2.1 IV tPA for acute isch r Ischemic stroke summary of systematic reviews of the fi ndings of nine randomized trials and controlled POSE against placebo of tPA IV R were used to generate evidence tables. Please refer to the t are shown in Tables 2 and 4 tables S4 S2. 2.1.1 Treatment with IV tPA 10.11 R within 3 hours: There is evidence that high quality t thrombolysis administered within 3 hours of symptom onset My, ht increased the likelihood of a good result expedient strength, but little or no effect on mortality. These data show based on a pooled analysis of individual patient data from four studies. 10.11 In addition, the safety results from three large en-4-phase study of IV tPA in routine clinical R Similar to those of the great were they S randomized trials of IV tPA r. In the 14th December safe use of thrombolysis in the study of disease surveillance, which was green Second phase-4 study, the H FREQUENCY of symptoms My challenge denies that any ICH with neurological deterioration of intracerebral hemorrhage was 7, 3% from 5.9% in the tests of the race. 14 Other studies have reported the use of tPA r in clinical practice in general, rates of symptomatic ICH, 7%. 15 21 These studies have anything similar results, even in academic centers, and h H Hauses and community sites with h Ufigen and infrequent use of tPA displayed r. 2.1.2 Treatment with IV tPA between 3 and 4.5 h R: There is evidence of high quality t R IV tPA is administered in the window of 3 to 4.5 hours with a time of increased risk Hten favorable functional outcome associated. But the effect is smaller than for the treatment within 3 hours given. Results do not confirm or rule out a positive effect on mortality T or beautiful Harmful. One study enrolled patients only w During the window of 3 to 4.5 hours time, w Were treated while only subsets of patients from four studies in this time window. 22 26 The ECASS III trial, which is the dominant reflexion in our analysis had two exclusion criteria that were not present, r, in most previous studies of IV tPA patients. 80 years and those with a Hello.

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