7 Communication is considered to be a key determinant of effectiv

7 Communication is considered to be a key determinant of effective healthcare.8 and 9 There is no specific evidence about how well physiotherapists communicate with Indigenous clients and little has been written about good communication practice for physiotherapists working with Indigenous people. A book chapter by Ewen and Jones10 is, to the authors’ knowledge, the only article on communication in Indigenous healthcare that relates to physiotherapy. Communication between the health professional and client is integral to establishing trust and rapport with clients8 and 9 and physiotherapists have a responsibility

as health workers to communicate appropriately and effectively with people from all cultural backgrounds, which includes acknowledging individual needs and differences.11 The lack

of literature about communication in Indigenous healthcare http://www.selleckchem.com/products/SP600125.html in the physiotherapy MEK inhibition domain is concerning. It also emphasises the need to extend the discourse on communication in Indigenous healthcare to the physiotherapy discipline and to build physiotherapy practitioner knowledge on good practice. The concern over the scarce evidence to inform communication with Indigenous Australians in the physiotherapy context is accentuated by reports of ineffective communication between Indigenous Australians and non-Indigenous health professionals Metalloexopeptidase across other health disciplines,8 and 12 which in some cases goes unrecognised.12 and 13 According to reports in the literature, lack of understanding and respect towards Indigenous culture and beliefs by health professionals provides a major barrier to effective communication in Indigenous healthcare and has a profound impact on the clinical interaction and the quality of care provided to Indigenous Australians.14 and 15

Misinterpreting Indigenous people’s responses is likely to provide an inaccurate account of their symptoms, the challenges they face, and their needs and priorities.16 This may result in misdiagnosis and lead to culturally insensitive practices, mismanagement and inappropriate delays in treatment, thus providing a major obstacle to good care and support.15 Ineffective communication between the health professional and client may also be a key factor in reinforcing a culturally unsafe environment.17 Adopting a health professional-dominated approach, which involves interrogational questioning by health professionals, may reinforce the power imbalance between some Indigenous communities and mainstream society. This has been shown to create anxiety for some Indigenous people, and significantly compromising the overall healthcare experience for some Indigenous Australians.18 Assumptions cannot be made, but it is likely that similar communication issues as those described above exist in the physiotherapy profession.

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