Mil Med 2001, 166:217–222 PubMed 37 Holcomb JB, Pusateri AE, Har

Mil Med 2001, 166:217–222.PubMed 37. Holcomb JB, Pusateri AE, Harris RA, Charles NC, Gomez

RR, Cole JP, Beall LD, Bayer V, MacPhee MJ, Hess JR: Effect of dry fibrin sealant dressings versus gauze packing on blood loss in grade V liver injuries in resuscitated swine. J Trauma 1999, 46:49–57.PubMedCrossRef 38. Holcomb JB, Pusateri AE, Harris RA, Reid TJ, Beall LD, Hess JR, MacPhee MJ: Dry fibrin sealant dressings reduce blood loss, resuscitation GANT61 purchase volume, and improve survival in hypothermic coagulopathic swine with grade V liver injuries. J Trauma 1999, 47:233–242.PubMedCrossRef 39. Meldrum DR, Moore FA, Moore EE, Haenel JB, Cosgriff N, Burch JM, Jack A: Barney Resident Research Award. Cardiopulmonary hazards of perihepatic packing for major liver injuries. Am J Surg 1995, 170:537–542.PubMedCrossRef Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Authors’ contributions BT initially conceived the study selleck chemical idea. BT, CE, and MM were all involved in the study design and procedure. CE drafted the initial case report. Case report revisions and final report submission were all conducted by BT, CE, MM. All authors read and approved the final

“Background Gastro-intestinal stromal tumour (GIST) is most common mesenchymal tumour of gastrointestinal tract (G.I) tract (80%) [1]. The incidence of GIST is 10–20 million people per year with a malignant potential of 20-30% [1, 2]. Presentations

include abdominal mass (5-50%), obstruction (5%), haemorrhage and rarely perforation (0.8%) [1, 2]. Spontaneous perforation of jejunal GIST is rare (Table 1) and unique. This article is an illustration of a similar case. Table 1 Table showing published case reports on jejunal perforation Serial number Country Journal Patient paticulars Date of publication 1 Greece Journal of gastro-intetinal and liver diseases 66 yrs/ M 2006 2 * China Journal of Chinese oncology 69 yrs/ M 2008 3 Ankara Turkish journal Oxaprozin of gastroenterology 70 yrs/ M 2008 4 Turkey Gastroenterology research 52 yrs / F 2009 5 Japan Journal of abdominal emergency medicine 56 yrs/ M 2009 6 * China International journal of gastroentrology 69 yrs/ M 2009 7 Greece World journal of surgical oncology 28 yrs/ F 2010 8 Istanbul Turkish journal of gastroenterology 65 yrs/ M 2010 9 India International journal of biomedical research 68 yrs / M 2010 10 India Bombay hospital journal 55 yrs/ M 2011 11 China Turkish journal of gastroenterology 45 yrs/ M 2011 12 Greece journal of current surgery 56 yrs/ M 2011 13 Turkey Journal of clinical and analytical medicne 61 yrs/ F 2012 14 India The internet journal of surgery 35 yrs/ M 2012 15 India Indian journal of surgery 22 yrs/ M 2012 * same case report published in different journal.

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